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Detective Harlan Regis and Secret Service agent Nina Chance are investigating the murder of secretary Carla Town, whose body is found in the White House. Meanwhile there's political crisis in the US as president Jack Neil can not decide whether he should attack North Korea, which is holding US soldiers hostage. The story of murder leads Regis to some dark political secrets and he has to defend the USA and the whole world from danger.
At a time of international incident, the body of a young female staffer is found in a White House wash room. Homicide detective Harlan Regis is called in to investigate the murder only to discover the secret service had taken hold of all the evidence for their own investigation. A frustrated Regis becomes suspicious of a cover-up and convinces secret service agent Nina Chance to aid him. The remainder of the plot is spent following Regis and Chance as they uncover the answers as to who is behind the conspiracy and why.
Given that the last film I&#39;d seen with the US President as a leading character was the excessively patriotic &quot;Air Force One&quot;, I might have been more sceptical of this film which has a murder taking place within the White House itself. Perhaps not entirely beyond the realm of possibility but this old-fashioned political thriller, despite maintaining my interest until the end, doesn&#39;t offer anything too original. Having said that, it is an intriguing way to pass a couple of hours - assuming you haven&#39;t figured out the killer too early.<br/><br/>Wesley &quot;Not Denzel Washington&quot; Snipes (my girlfriend always gets them confused so that&#39;s for her benefit) plays DC Detective Harlan Regis, about to be evicted from his block of flats and assigned to investigate the murder of a young secretary within the White House. Monitored by secret service agents Nina Chance (Diane Lane) and Nick Spikings (Daniel Benzali), Regis quickly finds that the White House seem keen to cover up the whole incident while the President (Ronny Cox) struggles with a hostage crisis in North Korea. But Regis isn&#39;t about to be put off from bringing the killer to justice, even if it threatens to bring the administration down.<br/><br/>Snipes seems to have an uncanny ability to appear in movies that, while technically sound, rarely achieve massive popularity and &quot;Murder At 1600&quot; is another one of those films. An adequate script is enlivened by the performances of Snipes, Lane and Alan Alda as National Security Adviser Alvin Jordan. I did feel that more could have been made of the hostage crisis sub-plot, which never really seemed an integral part of the story. It also wasn&#39;t afraid of ploughing on with the tired cliché of the Secret Service being shadowy, self-serving and trigger happy - ground that has been covered many times before and even at the time of release. In fact, Mulder and Scully may have well been in the background, looking for aliens on the First Lawn! Having said that, this is a very old-skool cop plot even if Regis feels less like a cop and more like a paranoid fugitive.<br/><br/>If you like your cop films with a twist but little else in the way of excitement or originality then &quot;Murder At 1600&quot; will satisfy your needs. But for me personally, I never really felt engaged as a viewer. It did remind me of Denzel&#39;s foray into cop films, &quot;Training Day&quot;, but only because I wanted to watch that instead. I sound harsh but I didn&#39;t really feel that enthusiastic about it. It passes the time well enough but that&#39;s it and to be honest, you could do something more constructive in two hours than watching a movie this anonymous. Still, at least it&#39;s not as bad as &quot;Air Force One&quot; - I&#39;d rather the President was a suspect in a murder enquiry than a Rambo-type character.
This movie undoubtedly has one of the best pairings of movies in late 90&#39;s,that of Snipes and Lane.Diane Lane is at her most beautiful and enchanting here and i liked her performance.Snipes is as always very cool and strong and shows depth.Its amazing how someone can show depth in action and criminal movies as he does.Blows my mind.<br/><br/>Film has a decent story and issue.It has already been worked up by Eastwood in &quot;Absolute power&quot;.Its about people in key positions who use their power to achieve their own secret goals and do what they like.Alan Alda is very good as the stern villain who secretly works against the president played equally well by Ronny Cox.Benzali and Donovan make good supporting roles.<br/><br/>But what is the best thing with this is the chemistry between lead stars.Even if Wesley and Diane dont get involved romantically,their relationship makes it worth to watch even without the love scenes.They have quiet strength and strong charisma.And their bond is a great one.<br/><br/>This is a good 8/10.
A lot of Murder at 1600 is well -done. Characters are introduced vividly,; there's a sense of realism in the White House scenes, and some of the dialogue by Wayne Beach and David Hodgin hits a nice ironic note. But then the movie kicks into auto - pilot. The last third of the film is a ready-made action movie plug-in.

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